Melanie has cancer

Melanie has cancer

Melanie has now explained on her blog the reason for this renewed request for prayers. We found out yesterday that she has uterine cancer.

The doctors found it when examining the tissues after the miscarriage, so in a way you could say baby Francis gave his life to save his mother’s. The doctor was a bit mystified by it all, because Melanie is so young and had so recently had a baby and then gotten pregnant again, which should mitigate against such things. Thus the doctor decided to do a biopsy to make double sure, and we should have the results on Monday. He said the chance that the initial diagnosis was wrong is exceeding small.

The prognosis for Melanie is good. He said if you’re going to get cancer, this is the kind to get. However, the usual remedy is a hysterectomy, which obviously means no more pregnancies, no more kids. Yes, I know we could adopt, except it’s so expensive, I can’t even consider it now. And it’s not quite the same thing—not that I’m running down adoption, but co-creating with God a new child of your own flesh and blood is at the heart of marriage and family and it’s a big mental adjustment.

We haven’t given up hope. We’ve decided to ask for the intercession of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who is in need of another miracle for the cause of her canonization. We do have a first class relic, given to me several years ago by some Missionaries of Charity, and we would like to publicly ask you all to pray for her intercession.

Melanie has much more personal reflections on her blog, very good ones, if I do say so myself, which I’m sure is part of God’s plan. And again thank you all for your well wishes and especially your prayers.

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