Media bias on the Pope’s talk, Limbo

Media bias on the Pope’s talk, Limbo

Pope Benedict’s talk at his Wednesday general audience yesterday on the feast of the Holy Innocents spoke of God’s love for each individual from the moment of conception. God sees us and loves us even before anyone else knows we exist in the womb. What does the secular media report? That the Pope is taking a hardline anti-abortion stance. 

Thank God we have easy access to news media that report from a Catholic point of view, like Catholic World News, Zenit, and Catholic News Agency.

Doing the Limbo dance

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  • The liberals are hoping that the Pope will state that all unbaptized babies who die go to Heaven.  This will help the push for religious indifferentism.  The Pope and theologians should leave this alone.  They don’t know.  They will never know until they themselves experience Heaven, Hell or Purgatory, and maybe not even then.

    They might as well discuss how many angels can dance on a head of a pin.