Knights pull McAuliffe’s application?

Knights pull McAuliffe’s application?

Kathy Shaidle reports that thanks to the uproar, former Democrat National chairman and pro-abortion Catholic Terry McAuliffe may have had consideration of his application to join the Knights of Malta pulled.

Blogging is power!

Thanks to, well, me and other bloggers, Clintonista Terry’s invitation to join the Catholic Knights of Malta has been withdrawn.

Writes Amy: “The Knights office in DC was flooded with emails and calls—and, I’d expect, many of them from the good Knights and Dames themselves.”

My faith in humanity is restored. Which, come to think of it, is probably a dangerous thing. Oh well. It won’t last anyway…

PS: kudos to LifeSite News for picking up the story and running with it—all the way to Rome. “Denial’s” not just a “river in Egypt”—I see the Tiber is one of its tributaries…

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