Karate, heeyah!

Karate, heeyah!

Around these parts, Dunkin Donuts is not just a coffee and donut shop, it’s a way of life. While in other states Starbucks is eating everyone’s lunch in the coffee game, DD (aka Dunky’s, Dunky D’s, etc.) addicts in Massachusetts line up around the block every morning at their local shops (often more closely spaced than fire hydrants) for their fix.

Still, their new commercials, especially “Karateeee, heeyah!”, may just drive me to the Seattle yuppie shop. Yet, it’s so annoying, it’s almost compelling. The surly kids, the really bad hair (maybe they should add “barber shop” to their litany), the minivan, the implication that family life must be a series of extracurricular activities in which the only family time is spent in the car. Ugh.

Yet, I just can’t get the stupid jingle out of my head. Man, I’m so tired.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli