Isabella at 1

Isabella at 1

Isabella at 1 years oldIsabella turns one year old this Friday and this past Sunday we had her birthday party—along with those of two of her cousins—at my brother’s house. I took this photo of her on the swing set and it’s one my favorites of her.

There’s something special about photos of children when (1) they are not hamming for the camera but are caught being themselves and (2) engaged in some activity. Children are not static creatures and so some sense of their energy in the photo captures that. (Conversely, catching a child at rest can provide an ironic contrast.)

It’s hard to believe my Isabella is already a year old, yet her birth seems so far in the past. Was it really just a year ago that we rushed off the hospital for her to make her appearance?

For those of you not following along in her development on Melanie’s blog, Isabella is walking unassisted now; has four teeth; sleeps through the night; takes two daily naps; loves avocado, strawberries, bananas, and cheese; and is a real chatterbox. As the old song says, I love her more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.

  • Wow, the first year already!  La Bellissima Isabella, tanti auguri a te!  Sending her lots of hugs and kisses, and prayers too, of course!  Blessings on all three Bettinellis!

  • Time flies by with kids. I can’t believe mine our 12, 6 and 5. Oh where does the time go…Uncle John.

    I agree about photos of kids caught in some activity (even napping), such photos are special. My brother took some black & white photos of my kids and it was awesome (I have a fondness for black & white. Not sure how to explain it, but I sense a different level of emotion in B&W).