Is that Monopoly money?

Is that Monopoly money?

I was putting something in the drink drawer in our fridge (Okay, it’s the meat drawer, but who fills a drawer with meat? A drink drawer is much more convenient) and discovered that there were two cans of Caffeine Free Diet Coke in there that I didn’t know we had. I had thought we were all out and I was waiting for our supermarket run to re-stock.

I was so pleased that I said to Melanie, “Finding a couple of Cokes in the fridge you didn’t know you had is like finding a .... dollar bill in your pocket.”

What’s with the ellipsis, you say? Well, as I began the sentence, I was about to say “a 20 dollar bill,” but I realized that was too extravagant for the feeling I was describing, but “10 dollar bill” didn’t seem like enough to express my joy. Since all this deliberation took place as I was speaking this very witty and profound sentence, what came out of my mouth was:

“Finding a couple of Cokes in the fridge you didn’t know you had is like finding a 15 dollar bill in your pocket.”

Ahem. Yes, 15.

Melanie burst out laughing at me. Hey, I’m sleep deprived. You’re lucky you got anything even close to witty.

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  • Here’s the thing. I drink Coke like it’s water. Four or five a day. All that caffeine then leaves me loopy by late afternoon which is amusing sometimes but often leaves Melanie shaking her head at the weirdo she married.

    Mind you, this is on top of the two cups of coffee I drink in late morning, caffeinated, thank you very much.

    If I didn’t drink it decaffeinated, I’d be up all night too.

    And diet, well, I can’t taste the difference in the can. From a proper soda fountain, on the other hand, I can. Still, one can of regular Coke has something like 120 calories and a can of diet has one. Multiply that by four or five cans a day…

    Incidentally, Melanie agrees with you on the Diet thing. She can’t stand the taste, but too much caffeine gets her asthma going.

    But non-alcholic beer?! I agree. Why bother?

  • I have to agree with Fr. Wilson on this. Diet Caffeine-Free Coke is an abomination. And clearly, if you’re still seeking $15 bills while on caffeine-free Coke, your tactic ain’t workin’, brother.

  • This doesn’t work with real Coke? I’ve never heard of this.

    Amazing how Dom and fellow readers educate us all.

  • You missed the point. I’m avoiding caffeine. And honestly what doesn’t cause cancer today? Everytime you turn around something else you eat every day is going to kill you. I figure everything in moderation.

    In reality, I don’t drink all that much soda every day anyway. I drink coffee, water, ice tea, lemonade. Variety is the spice of life.