I am not here…

I am not here…

…at least if this is to be believed.

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Hmm, something appears to be wrong with this. (I entered “Domenico Bettinelli”) There should be at least two of us. It also says there are 0 Bettinellis. I can tell you there are at least a couple hundred all told, and even some of those aren’t my brother’s kids. smile

[Thanks to Karen Hall #2001 for the link.]

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • It seems there is also no one in the USA with the first name “Devereaux”. I guess my father, my son, my grandson, and I don’t count.

    Devereaux Cannon

  • 1361 people named Stacey Johnson.

    But it’s much worse for my husband…32,085 people apparently have the same name that he does. Which goes a long way towards explaining why we’ve been served with court papers that were not for us, had someone else’s household goods delivered to our home when we were moving, and get LOTS of calls from collection agencies for someone else!

  • Apparently, neither do I.  After reading the link, though, I see they did not include rare or uncommon names on their list.  My last name is relatively rare, as I’m sure Bettinelli is.

  • There are only 9 people with my name (first and last).

    However, there are—drumroll please—220,477 people with my first name.

    I could’ve told you that. This is why I use my middle name as part of my internet handle.

  • Kids and I had fun with this—a good way of demonstrating the accuracies and inaccuracies of statistical data.  We have two friends (boyfriend of oldest child and one of my best friends) who are unique, and a family of cousins whose name is not on the list.  There are five of me, twenty-eight of one child, and hundreds of the others.  Of course, one hopes that middle names make one unique—but we know that my husband has at least one duplicate (all three names) within Massachusetts—a (former?) state rep from the Cape!

  • On the other hand, Dom, I believe that there are more than 8,671 of me, since I believe that I have met 10,842 other Jennifer Browns.

  • My father had the joy of having another man with his name move into our town about 20 years ago. Creditors were calling the house…. I would answer the phone and unknowing persons asking for this man were caught off gaurd when they askeing who I was, I said I was my father’s daughter. Apparently the man was ten years younger and didn’t have children.

    A few years ago my father had a woman call him up looking for this man, it was the man’s ex-girlfriend wanting to touch base.

  • This site works by matching last name data with first name data, not by using full-name data, which the census does not provide. People whose first and last names are both rare lose out. Say (for the sake of example) there are exactly 1,000 Americans named Bettinelli.  Say only one out of every ten thousand Americans is named Domenico.  It will say there are no Domenico Bettinelli.  Say that there are a thousand Bettinellis and twelve out of every thousand Americans is named James.  The site would then claim there are twelve Americans named James Bettinelli, which may or may not be true in reality.

  • I sure consider myself fortunate.  My wife didn’t exist until she married me!  LOL  In fact, there is nobody that has her maiden name.  OTOH, there are 12 people with my same first & last name.