Human cloning in Missouri

Human cloning in Missouri

When is a ban on human cloning not a ban on human cloning? When the ballot question for Missouri says one thing then explicitly makes provision for “somatic cell nuclear transfer” to be protected by the state constitution. What the proponents of the amendment hope is that you don’t realize that this the definition of cloning. Check out all the facts at Missourians Against Human Cloning. Big biotech businesses will be pushing for this in all states, including state-funding of the cloning research. They’ve already suckered them into providing billions for embryonic stem-cell research by warming that everybody else is doing it and if we don’t do it, we’re going to lose jobs and profits. Well, they’re going to lose profits.

If only Dr. Mengele were alive today, he could get government grants for his work.

Check out the following video from Cathy Ruse explaining the situation:

Twenty years ago, if you told people that we’d be debating whether human cloning should be made legal, they would have thought you were daft and a bit too paranoid.

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  • Once a person is conceived then they are alive. They have a right to life. Which is why monkeying around with the origins of human life is wrong.

    I could explain to the Church’s teaching, but since you don’t accept the first premise that a fetal child is a human being, there’s no real point.