Honduran Cardinal revises statement on excommunication

Honduran Cardinal revises statement on excommunication

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras has revised his comments that he made in an earlier interview on the subject of excommunicating/denying Communion to pro-abortion politicians.

Ed Peters comments:

As I read it, His Eminence leaves no doubt now but that Canon 915 can be invoked, given the requisite circumstances, to prevent reception of the Eucharist by those whose pro-abortion activities warrant that disciplinary response. True, the canonist in me would like to see, consistently, a sharper distinction between “being excommunicated” and “being prevented from communicating” (to adapt a phrase), but the lingering confusion we see on this point might be the result of the etymological similarities between these two notions in Romance languages. We can (and will) deal with that issue in other ways.

That is a much improved formulation.

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