Hingham Farmers Market and Wompatuck State Park

Hingham Farmers Market and Wompatuck State Park

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicWe went to the Hingham Farmers Market in chi-chi Hingham, Mass., today again. It’s a nice market in a nice location and I know it’s still early in the season for New England, but I think the Marblehead Farmers Market still beats it so far. Marblehead’s ratio of farmers to folks peddling home-packed canned foods and homemade jewelry and the like was much higher. On the other hand, Hingham beats Marblehead on location (right on the beach on Hingham harbor), parking (tons of space), lobster vendors (two in Hingham to none in Marblehead, selling for good prices), and coffee vendor.

Oh, the coffee! It’s sold out of a street truck by Redeye Roasters, who were recently featured in The Boston Globe. This is small-batch hand-roasted coffee that is manually drip-brewed to order. I have rarely tasted coffee so good. That’s going to be one of the reasons to keep me coming back every week.

This week, there were finally some vegetables and fruit. We picked up strawberries and beets and sugar snap peas. The peas are incredible, so fresh and sweet. We were munching them all the way home, like candy. They were so good I felt like I should feel guilty for eating them.

We took a detour into Wompatuck State Park on the way home, to show it to my sister-in-law Theresa. It’s a very nice state park, very close to Boston, but with a backwoods feel. They even have a campground there. We pulled into a trailhead parking lot and let Bella run around in the woods for a while, collecting pine cones (for playing “Poohsticks” and acorns for Piglet; it’s a Winne-the-Pooh thing), while Melanie took photos of flora, fauna, and Bella. I stayed with the car mostly because Sophia fell asleep in the car, a partially munched snap pea on her chest, as you can see in that photo there.

We’re still getting used to our new neighborhood, but I’m glad we’re finding new places to make new memories, even as our old memories in our old home recede. Hopefully, we’ll come to love our new farmers market as much as the old one, even as we miss the folks we came to know there. (I do miss the cheesemakers and the Vietnamese farmers especially.)


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  • Most of my coffee I got from these guys:  http://www.cafecampesino.com/
    They make fair trade organic coffee which is better for you and for the people who grow it.  There are a number of fair trade organic distributors.  CRS maintains a listing of fair trade organic coffee partners that they work with; you can find one close to you through their web site.

    However, if I feel like something a little different, these guys also make some good blends:
    I especially like their mint chocolate desert coffee.