He kneels on stone

He kneels on stone

Speaking of Father Duesterhaus, the Marine chaplain mentioned in the previous blog entry, a friend sends along this recollection. Duesterhaus is a priest of the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, and was pastor of Holy Spirit parish in Annandale a few years ago. Friends knew that he kept a pistol next to his bed. on his bed stand. One Sunday night, some kind of creep broke into the rectory, probably looking for money or stuff to sell to buy drugs, and got into the living quarters.

Duesterhaus awoke, grabbed his gun and shot wildly at the guy without, apparently, hitting him. Five of the six bullets were recovered. Only God knows where the sixth bullet went. Was the guy wounded?  No blood. In any case, the bad guy got away. The police came to investigate and from that day on Father Duesterhaus was known as “Father Dust-His-Ass.” G. Gordon Liddy reported the news on his radio show and Holy Spirit received about $3,000 in unsolicited donations.

I bet Duesterhaus kneels on stone. I’d love to be a parishioner in his parish I bet. I’d also bet there’s no liturgical hanky-panky in his Masses. Just a thought.

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