Hartford archbishop seeks compromise on abortifacient

Hartford archbishop seeks compromise on abortifacient

If, as Catholics, we believe that committing a certain act is murder, and some agency wants us to commit that act, is it in any way moral for us to instead find someone else to do it?

The Connecticut legislature is planning a law that would require all hospitals in the state to provide so-called “emergency contraception,” which in reality acts as an abortifacient. That means Catholic hospitals too, which of course is unacceptable. Unfortunately, rather than take a stand against the murder of children, an archbishop is looking for a compromise with the state. In fact, Archbishop Henry Mansell of Hartford is considering a compromise that would allow the drug known as Plan B to be distributed in Catholic hospitals or otherwise made available through referral or another mechanism.

“We’ve been talking about possibilities that would be a solution, not a compromise,” said Mansell, who spoke with more than 250 Catholics at the annual Catholic Concerns Day at the state Capitol. It “would respect the aspirations of people who are advocating for certain help, at the same time respect our religious principals and convictions.”

If that “certain help” means certain death for the unborn, why should we respect those aspirations?

They’re not even looking for an exemption for Catholics, but are going to cooperate in some form. Not that an exemption is good: If abortion is evil, then it’s evil no matter who does it, Catholic or not.

The crux of Mansell’s allowance is that if Plan B is taken before ovulation has occurred then it doesn’t cause an abortion, thus the archdiocese’s hospitals will prescribe the drug unless “a rape victim is ovulating or an egg has been fertilized.” To what degree of certainty can you make that determination and would you be willing to bet your life on it? After all, you’re betting an unborn child’s life.

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Domenico Bettinelli