Hail and lightning

Hail and lightning

Hail Wow, we just had an old-fashioned severe summer thunderstorm come flying through here (with promises of more to come). Drenching rain, hail the size of golf balls and reports of a tornado a little northwest of here. Out in the midwest and Plains states you all might be used to this, but for New Englanders this is all a bit unusual.

That photo over there on the left is from my friend Paul who just picked those up in his backyard about a quarter mile away from us.

We just came out of watching a matinee of “X-Men 3” (we took Isabella, who slept through it; a successful experiment this time) and everything was drenched with lightning off in the distance. As we got closer to home the weather got worse as more storms continue to roll through. Unfortunately some of the windows were open, but happily the rain was coming from the south and east and there’s nothing on that side of the house that would suffer from a little moisture.

Of course, somebody’s got a problem because fire trucks were racing past us as we headed home. Probably either a lightning strike or a fallen tree limb.

Oh here comes another one, the rain is coming down in buckets and the lightning and thunder are coming nearly simultaneously. Fun!

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  • Better than Superman Returns. Big plotholes of the big-budget action movie variety (couldn’t they take a boat to Alcatraz?). Sets up Wolverine movies nicely (Hugh Jackman says he wants to do them.)

    Not the best of the three X-Men movies, but not bad either.

  • Middle daughter saw “Dead Man’s Chest” and RAVED about it.

    Wolverine was always my second favorite Marvel character (tied with Luke Cage, behind Spidey, and just in front of Ghost Rider http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/ghostrider/).
    Wolverine is really a much darker character in the comics, with a real fury about him.

  • Yah, hey, here in Milwaukee we had that system a couple of nights ago.  3” of rain in 2 hours, continuous (yep, continuous) thunder for over 40 minutes, power down for 4 hours…

    Not a bad one, though.