Georgetown will remove pro-abortion links from web site

Georgetown will remove pro-abortion links from web site

Last month the Cardinal Newman Society raised objections that several Catholic colleges, including Georgetown University, included links on their web sites to pro-abortion and other groups inimical to Catholic moral teaching. In the comment thread, an anonymous GU professor tried to claim that such links didn’t exist and the story was being fabricated.

Looks like Georgetown disagrees with him because the university has said it will revise its site to remove the pro-abortion links:

Responding to a letter from a Catholic watchdog group that monitors Catholic colleges, Georgetown University says it will revise part of its web site regarding the university’s women’s center. Georgetown came under fire from the Cardinal Newman Society for having links to local businesses that do abortions or refer women to other places that do.

Georgetown University’s vice president for student affairs Todd Olson sent a letter to Patrick Reilly of CNS this week. Olson told Reilly the “Women’s Center webpage is currently closed down while we update the content and links.”

“The new website will not contain this set of referral links,” he indicated.

According to a Washington Post report, Olson said Georgetown tried to “ensure that we provide a broad array of resources and services in a manner . . . consistent with our Catholic and Jesuit identity.”

As for the other Catholic colleges mentioned in the original story, we’re still waiting to hear from them. When the phone don’t ring…

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