Gay and faithful

Gay and faithful

In a story yesterday on the US bishops’ upcoming vote on a proposed document on homosexuality, spokesmen from two local Boston Catholic organizations, the Paulist Center and St. Anthony’s Shrine, were asked for their comments. It’s not by accident that they were chosen.

In this week’s bulletin (PDF) from St. Anthony’s Shrine, we find the following announcements:

Page 3:
Gay? Lesbian? Or love someone who is?  Looking to dialogue about positive aspects among religion, spirituality, and samesex-nature? You are invited to visit our L/G Spirituality Group. As a Catholic lesbian/gay, or family of, hear and
proclaim the Good News that is for all people. We meet on the third Wednesday of each month.

Page 7:
Spirituality in the Pub
Respectful Conversation among Adult Catholics on topics of interest.

On the last Monday of each month adults who identify themselves as Catholic or former Catholics gather for food/drinks (optional-at own expense) and conversation prior to the evening’s program. Two invited speakers present on a topic for 15 minutes each, followed by a short break. The group then continues with questions, answers, comments, conversation. For our Fall 2006 Series the overarching theme is “Faithful Discernment.” Our topic for October 2006 is: “Gay and Faithful”
Presenters: Gary Buseck of GLAD and Marianne Duddy of Dignity and Hospice House Monday, October 30
6:00 PM dinner on your own & pre-program

If your presenters on the topic of “gay and faithful” are folks from GLAD and Dignity, then I want to know what you’re being faithful to because it’s not the Catholic Church, Church teaching, and God’s Truth communicated to us in divine revelation.

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  • Soft spot for St. Anthony’s shrine—- made my first Confession there in years back some years ago.. a wonderful Brother, and the Confession started my slow trek back to the Church. But they have gone in for weird stuff in the past years and I no longer pop in when I am in Boston. I love the chapel at the Pru, think it’s the Oblates of the Virgin Mary??

    Bet Holy Trinity could have these speakers, no problem unless they decide to defend sacramental marriage or something wink

  • I would find it hard to believe that the bishops’ conference staff isn’t engineering this to some degree. All those personnel cutbacks and they’ve still got enough free time on their hands for this. Makes ya wonder, don’t it?

  • I have no idea what Alice said. I never read her stuff because the lack of paragraph breaks gives me a headache. I can’t read unbroken walls of text.

  • Colleen, yes, both Saint Francis Chapel at the Pru and nearby Saint Clement’s Eucharistic Shrine are run by the Oblates of the Virgin Mary.

    Jason, there is daily Exposition, Adoration, and Benediction at the Chapel as well as confessions heard when Mass is not being celebrated.

    Alice, I love what you write when I can read it, but usually I can’t. Can’t you please try using your return key? grin

  • The length restriction is on the number of characters you use, not how much space it takes up on the screen.

  • Computers don’t go by dictionary definitions. For the purposes of computers and web sites, characters include spaces, letters, numbers, and punctuation.

    I don’t publish the information on how many characters are allowed for various reasons. Rest assured that it’s plenty of space for any reasonable response to any particular post or comment.

  • Dick?

    Please give it up. Alice has commented on many other topics here at Bettnet. I really don’t want to come back here only to read your complaints about Alice Slattery. Take up by private email with the blog owner, if you must, but please give the rest of us a break.

    Thank you.