Followup to the Episcopal bishopess’s kerfuffle

Followup to the Episcopal bishopess’s kerfuffle

Following up on the kerfuffle created by the Episcopal Church USA’s Presiding Bishopess and her defense of the depopulation of her denomination, syndicated columnist Michael Medved says that the Democrat takeover of Congress has enoucraged religious leftists who “manage to turn off most religious believers of even moderate outlook with their own displays of arrogance and radicalism, and their smug dismissal of traditional values.” Going beyond Katharine Jefferts-Schori’s comments that low birth-rate among Episcopalians is a sign of enlightenment, he points out other instances of a certain triumphalist attitude, showing more concern for Muslim extremists than for Christian “fundamentalists.”

Q: Pope Benedict…became embroiled in controversy this fall after suggesting that Muslims have a history of violence.

A: So do Christians! They have a terrible history… I think Muslims are poorly understood by the West, and it is easy to latch onto that which we do not understand and demonize it.

Note that when the good Bishop speaks of the shameful record of violence by Christians, she says “they have a terrible history” – not we. In other words, she instinctively excludes herself when she talks of Christian tradition.

Medved concludes from the interview that Jefferts-Schori, like many Christian Leftists, is more “Left” than “Christian” in her outlook.

Her example shows the way that this new movement of religious liberals amounts to little more than a desperate effort to use the language of faith to repackage the tired ideas of secular, utopian leftism and moral relativism that have failed so spectacularly wherever they’ve been tried around the world.

Her spokesman’s response

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  • There have always been “priestesses” so why not a “bishopess”?

    I use the word to point out that her assumed office is a farce and should be treated as such.

    And I think you need to learn better manners.