Following the law or your heart

Following the law or your heart

“Gay marriage supporters left with choice: follow law or heart”

Throughout the gay marriage debate, opponents of a proposed constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage argued nothing in the Massachusetts Constitution required lawmakers to vote on the measure.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Judicial Court stripped away that argument and left lawmakers who support gay marriage with the starkest of choices: either follow the constitution and allow a vote; or follow their heart and do everything they can to avoid a vote.

Note that the technicalities of the law are contrasted with “doing the right thing,” as in keeping gay marriage legal. Could there conceivably be another point of view, that maybe some of the gay marriage supporters are motivated less by “heart” than by political calculus? Not if you’re the Associated Press apparently. Unfortunately, the same consideration is not often given to conservatives, who if you believe many of the same reporters are motivated by animus or religious superstition or totalitarian desires or even deeply buried tendencies that lead to self-hatred.

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  • What happened to the Associated Press? Maybe my memory is wrong, but up until a decade or so ago wasn’t the AP’s reputation one of impeccable fairness. Now that wire service seems to be as leftist on many economic issues as The Communist Worker
    newspaper—and on sexual issues a clone of Playboy or Hustler.

  • The real tragedy is that so many people have “swallowed whole” the false idea that God created human beings,male and female,  to be oriented towards one’s own sex(homosexual). Why have so many of our “elite” educators,representatives, and even some priests been so willing to accept this deception? The truth of the matter is that God created man and woman to be oriented towards the opposite sex only. The belief in the spousal union of man and woman,husband and wife, is essential to our family life and to the liturgy of our Catholic faith, as well as that of many other faiths.
    Fr. John Harvey,an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales, is director of Courage(for more than 20 years!), a spiritual support systems for Catholic homosexuals who desire to live a chaste life. He states:“The fact of the matter is that there is only one orientation, the heterosexual orientation. The homosexual tendency is an objective disorder, and if a person has this objective disorder, it is because other things have happened. From all the psychological studies of homosexuality, there is no scientific evidence that you are born with the homosexual tendency. From what we know today, the main factors leading to a homosexual tendency all have to do with environment: family environment,school environment,adolescent environment.”(“Back to basics for Homosexual Ministries: Father Harvey of Courage praises bishjops’ document”,National Catholic Register,Dec. 24,2006,p.2)

  • Something caught my eye in the recent New Jersey decision. I saw NOW signs, from the National Organization of Women which said “equal marriage”. I thought it was interesting after years of telling women that marriage was patriarchal and evil, it was now a right when gender wasn’t an issue.

    When handling issues of race the law didn’t say we must call everyone white. So why does the law force us to call every relationship marriage?
    Why is it so controversial to allow a man and woman to have a word for the most intimate relationship on Earth?

    With so few gay marriages while legal (8,000 total) I really believe there was little need for homosexuals to have this word, yet millions of dollars went to line the pockets of politicians’ campaigns. Sure there are similarities and personal investments made in many homosexual relationships, but there are also similarities and personal investments in many non-sexual companionships also.

  • Sorry for a second post, but if the Massachusetts legislature was so in favor of same-sex marriage why didn’t they just enact these laws on their own. Why did the wait for the SJC to come down with a ruling? Nothing stopped the legislature from creating statute allowing same-sex couples to married, but they waited for the SJC.

    If same-sex marriage is the right thing then why did the legislature do nothing when they had complete power to do so? Why does the SJC have to play helicopter parent guiding the legislature with every move, and the governor having go to the SJC to make them do their job?

  • It doesn’t matter how many same-sex “marriage” ceremonies took place.  None of them are legal in the sense that the law on the books still bans them.

    Thanks Governor Romney!

    Also, many of the 8,000 or so ceremonies which took place here in MA were by out-of-staters.