Following the law or your heart

Following the law or your heart

“Gay marriage supporters left with choice: follow law or heart”

Throughout the gay marriage debate, opponents of a proposed constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage argued nothing in the Massachusetts Constitution required lawmakers to vote on the measure.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Judicial Court stripped away that argument and left lawmakers who support gay marriage with the starkest of choices: either follow the constitution and allow a vote; or follow their heart and do everything they can to avoid a vote.

Note that the technicalities of the law are contrasted with “doing the right thing,” as in keeping gay marriage legal. Could there conceivably be another point of view, that maybe some of the gay marriage supporters are motivated less by “heart” than by political calculus? Not if you’re the Associated Press apparently. Unfortunately, the same consideration is not often given to conservatives, who if you believe many of the same reporters are motivated by animus or religious superstition or totalitarian desires or even deeply buried tendencies that lead to self-hatred.

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