Foisting homosexuality on kids in public schools

Foisting homosexuality on kids in public schools

“Newton case highlights promotion of gay culture in public schools”

Like most mothers, Emer O’Shea did not expect that her daughter would learn about homosexual lifestyles in her third-grade classroom.

But in her Newton public school last year, she did. What happened is a lesson on the need for more parents to find a voice, according to those fighting against the erosion of parental rights.

More and more Christian parents are grappling with this problem nationwide, and especially in Massachusetts, where lawmakers in July quadrupled the 2007 budget to nearly $2 million for school programs aimed at “outreach to” and “support and safety of gay and lesbian students.” Lawmakers also created a permanent Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth that will oversee how the money is spent and is not subject to the control of any other department.

Here are more details on how that Commission operates. It’s new slogan is “These kids are our kids.” While that can be taken several ways, the most chilling is the sense you hear often from activists: That they must “educate” children over the parents’ objections because they know what’s best for the kids and for society.

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  • I really don’t think it’s possible for third graders to be homosexual…

    So what’s the purpose of teaching them about homosexuality at that age?

  • Yes!!“These are our kids” is the attitude of state Education Department officials and most teacher’s educational groups. I taught in public schools for almost 40 years and witnessed the change from the schools being VERY (and rightly) concerned about the attitude of parents toward what is going on in the classrooms and the schools to the attitude: “To (bleeping) Hell with what those ignorant, Neanderthal parents want or think”
      And as the arrogance of the educational establishment grew, the disappearance of strong PTAs followed in many places. This, of course, gave more power to those contemptuous of parent’s rights over the educational product being inflicted on their children.
      I even witnessed the presentation of night club style pornographic presentations (to interest kids in sex education) to children in public schools which we were warned to not let the parents know about.

  • That they must “educate” children over the parents’ objections because they know what’s best for the kids and for society.

    I blame Bing Crosby!  I was listening to all the carol’s on the radio, and remember Bing singing this:

    Every child must be made aware
    Every child must be made to care

    This is their formula for Peace on Earth.

  • Not only is the Massachusetts GLBT Early Childhood Education Initiative being implemented into the earliest school years in the Newton and Lexington school systems, but the Massachusetts Dept. of Social Services funds the Waltham House , a group home in Waltham , which is one of the Massachusetts Home For Little Wanderers serving GLBTQ youth. It is for ” youth who may be questioning their sexual orientation. Many young people have previously experienced difficulty due to their gender or sexual identities.” (on website at Home For Little Wanderers/Waltham).
    According to the Dover-Sherborn Press,Dec. 7/06, in an article,“Gifts of Hope 2006:Program offers safe haven for gay teens”, by Debra Filcman on this GLBTQ program at Waltham House :
    ” This home for children from 14-18 years of age”….” takes children in due to troubles at home or, occasionally,the death of a parent, but many of these problems do not stem from the child’s sexual identity.” “But before finding the House, many teens were acting out in desperation. Several who ultimately moved in reported to staff that they intentionally tried to contract HIV, which would land them in a more gay-friendly atmosphere than the homes in which they previously lived.” The Waltham House program director,Karen Voorhes,describes how these children relate to one another:“They find resources in each other.”
    One can only imagine the kind of “nurturing environment” that is provided for these teens! How tragic that they are being so totally deceived regarding the meaning of sexuality in God’s plan for human love!