Finally, home

Finally, home

I’ve been holding off on updating all day because (a) I haven’t had a moment to breath and (b) I kept waiting for a resolution to everything to report.

Finally, we are all home. Melanie was discharged and she’s doing much better at this point than she was last time (apart from the very painful swollen feet). Then, around 6, we were to get the news on whether Sophia would be discharged tonight. They just wanted to see another diaper with pee in it. I’ve never prayed for pee before.

But, yes, we got one. And then like all things in the hospital, discharging the baby took a long, long time. Around 8, they let me pack them in the car and head out. We stopped at the pharmacy across from the hospital to fill Melanie’s painkiller prescription, except they don’t have a 24-hour pharmacist. Across from the hospital?

Thus I had to drop them off at home, toting all the bags like a particularly odd-looking and stout Sherpa, and head back out again in search of an all-night pharmacy. Found it in Danvers, next town over, proffered the scrip, waited 10 minutes, and out the door again, until finally, we’re home.

Now we prepare for bed, our first night home, and “excitedly” awaiting the switch to Daylight Savings Time tonight. Oh joy! We get to “lose” an hour’s sleep, which is relative anyway since there won’t be much sleep of course. Then in the morning we have to figure out how to get to Mass since they scheduled us for a 10am appointment at our pediatrician, which would give us just enough time for the 8:30 Mass and speed over to the doctor’s. But will Melanie be up for it?

There’s also a birthday party for my niece and nephew, but it’s in the same town. At the least, I’ll take Isabella over myself, although I know everyone’s dying to see Sophia.

I haven’t been able to talk to my Mom today, after yesterday’s surgery. When I called, her room phone just rang. But apparently she’s doing very well. Thank God and I pray she continues doing well.

Now about the Daylight Savings Time: I’m thinking of starting a parents’ group to petition to end this silly practice that plays havoc with our children’s lives.


  • Deo Gratias!!

    Enjoy being home at last!

    (And I agree with you, Daylight SavingsTime stinks all the way around, but especially for parents with young children.)

  • Glad you all are finally home. Even with a newborn Melanie is bound to get more sleep there than the hospital.

    About the anti-Daylight Savings Time Parenting Group – SIGN ME UP! I’ve spent the last 2 days trying to gradually shift the bedtime, waketime and naptimes of a 2 year old and a 3.5 month old. As if it wasn’t bad enough losing an hour sleep ourselves!

  • So glad that all of your news is good today.  too much on your plate and Melanie’s too.  Get your sleep while you have Grandma Scott to help. 

    God bless you all and your mother too—our neighbor had this happen to him and the second knee did well, so I pray that this will be true for your mother, Dom.

    I remember so well my anger at the disruption in sleep patterns from the shift to and from Daylight Savings.  What savings?  We get the same amount of daylight per day depending on the time of year—it’s a major pain to parents of young children and no benefit to anyone else.  Is there someone who makes money from this nonsense?

  • I seem to be unable to post on Melanie’s blog, but I’m most impressed with the blogging she is doing and photos uploaded.  Seems like everything is under good control at your household and Melanie is advancing well in her recovery.
    Grandma Scott is a trooper and doing a terrific job.  It’s not easy being in someone else’s home trying to help and not get in the way.  Very exhausting work when you are no longer young—I know so well.

    Bravo to all!

  • It’s great that you guys are all home and together again.  The second baby is really a BIG shock.  Take it slow.

    As far as DST there was an article in the WSJ about how it really spends more energy.  Some people did a very careful study when Indiana switched in the last few years.  So there’s ammo out there for the anti group of whom I’ll gladly be a member.

  • We are blessed to live in Arizona, which doesn’t “do” DST.  Prayers and blessings to all of you!