Finally, home

Finally, home

I’ve been holding off on updating all day because (a) I haven’t had a moment to breath and (b) I kept waiting for a resolution to everything to report.

Finally, we are all home. Melanie was discharged and she’s doing much better at this point than she was last time (apart from the very painful swollen feet). Then, around 6, we were to get the news on whether Sophia would be discharged tonight. They just wanted to see another diaper with pee in it. I’ve never prayed for pee before.

But, yes, we got one. And then like all things in the hospital, discharging the baby took a long, long time. Around 8, they let me pack them in the car and head out. We stopped at the pharmacy across from the hospital to fill Melanie’s painkiller prescription, except they don’t have a 24-hour pharmacist. Across from the hospital?

Thus I had to drop them off at home, toting all the bags like a particularly odd-looking and stout Sherpa, and head back out again in search of an all-night pharmacy. Found it in Danvers, next town over, proffered the scrip, waited 10 minutes, and out the door again, until finally, we’re home.

Now we prepare for bed, our first night home, and “excitedly” awaiting the switch to Daylight Savings Time tonight. Oh joy! We get to “lose” an hour’s sleep, which is relative anyway since there won’t be much sleep of course. Then in the morning we have to figure out how to get to Mass since they scheduled us for a 10am appointment at our pediatrician, which would give us just enough time for the 8:30 Mass and speed over to the doctor’s. But will Melanie be up for it?

There’s also a birthday party for my niece and nephew, but it’s in the same town. At the least, I’ll take Isabella over myself, although I know everyone’s dying to see Sophia.

I haven’t been able to talk to my Mom today, after yesterday’s surgery. When I called, her room phone just rang. But apparently she’s doing very well. Thank God and I pray she continues doing well.

Now about the Daylight Savings Time: I’m thinking of starting a parents’ group to petition to end this silly practice that plays havoc with our children’s lives.


Written by
Domenico Bettinelli