Fidel the hero, Fidel the oil baron

Fidel the hero, Fidel the oil baron

I’m sure this will only cause Hollywood liberals a brief moment of distress as they roar off in their Hummers to the next no-blood-for-oil rally: Fidel Castro is going to be drilling for oil:

Local (Hollywood) “progressives” who had to ignore their hero Fidel Castro’s jailing gays as some kind of “minor cultural flaw” will now have to do some “green” rationalizing. The Caudillo is apparently going to be drilling for oil someplace even George Bush is forbidden to go - forty-five miles off the Florida coast.

But the real enemy is Big Oil.

Incidentally, if you haven’t read the comments the “why are gas prices so high?” thread, you should. Sydney provides a good explanation of who really sets oil prices: commodities brokers and OPEC. Oh, but we aren’t supposed to use our foreign policy apparatus to lower oil prices. Remember: No blood for oil. And Mike explains what a “profit margin” is. Of course, some people refuse to be educated. They’d rather complain about conspiracies by our own government and greedy oil executives. It’s simpler that way.

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Domenico Bettinelli