False petition

False petition

There is an online petition supporting fired Boston talk radio host John DePetro. A gabber for WRKO, DePetro was fired for calling the Green Party candidate for governor a “fat lesbian”. Whatever the merits of DePetro’s firing, I ask you NOT to sign the petition because it is a fraud.

Someone else has signed my name to the petition with a comment designed to make me look like a gay-basher. This calls into question all the signatures on the petition. I have demanded that the originator of the petition, Christopher Blaser, remove my name. If he does not, I will demand that the web site hosting the petition remove it. Failing that, I will take more strenuous action to defend my name from fraud and slander.

It’s possible that Blaser is innocent of wrongdoing and that the person who signed my name is one of the pro-homosexual activists who commonly attack me on their web sites or via email. Regardless, I do not take such actions likely and will pursue the responsible party to protect my name and reputation. I don’t mess around.

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  • On-line petitions, because of this sort of fraud, aren’t worth the electrons they’re printed on.

    Silver lining: nice to know somebody considers you influential enough to abuse your name.  You’re doin’ good!