Suddenly lots of Catholic bloggers and blog-readers have joined Facebook all at the same time. I don’t know why. It wasn’t coordinated (at least it wasn’t coordinated with me.) I did it because I was talking with some younger co-workers about it and thought it might be a way to re-connect with some old school friends.

I never realized how cool it is to connect with other folks. So join Facebook and “friend” me (or if you’re already on Facebook, “friend” me.) Come on. All the cool kids are doing it.

  • I’ve been on facebook a couple years, and enteprising readers of my blog have found me and requested to become friends. I keep a strict policy, however, on only friending people I’ve met in real life: not everyone deserves to see my pictures of playing vodka chess in poland. wink

    Facebook is a happy alternative to myspace (a.k.a. predators paradise), and it even has cool features like the Papal Quote of the day and Papal Facebook innitiative!

  • Jim:
    1: I am not old.
    2: Anyone can join Facebook these days.

    I understand a lot of folks want to keep Facebook for just real-life friends, especially since you can put limits on what others can see. I appreciate that. Yet, I’ve been so open about my life on the blog that I don’t have the same feeling. On the other hand, I do limit offer only my limited profile to most people.

  • I was on Facebook for a while, until my 16-year-old (I have two kids on it) told me his friends teased him that his daddy was on it. I am convinced parents of teens should give them the illusion of privacy while at the same time keeping close tabs on what happens on Facebook and MySpace. Especially the latter.

  • I don’t belong to Facebook but I know before my daughter went to Franciscan U in Steubenville, she had ‘virtually met’ tons of kids going there who are registered on Facebook.

  • I think Facebook is great for uniting Catholics throughout the world! Funny thing is that I’m 70 years young with a heart of a child, (isn’t that what Jesus said?) so I can relate to the young people! By the way, I’m finding the Faith of these kids strong and orthodox with a liking for Tradition. Many wear the Scapular and pray the Rosary, and have a love for Mother Mary! It’s wonderful because that’s what I do!
    Deacon John

  • How do you have time for it would be my question. My blogs and podcast are taking all my time and have me just about as connected as I can stand without just living at my computer … which I am all too close to doing already!

  • Welcome to Facebook!!

    What I find really funny is that “Facebook” has now become a verb.  “I’ll Facebook you later with the details” or “Facebook me!”.  I get most of my social engagements (i.e. invites to parties and clubs) through Facebook. for me it’s great way to keep up with the kids who I work with. and the GNT crowd too.

    I sorta poke fun at it-those who ask for friend details usually get something rather outlandish and untrue. It’s a great way to have a sort of self-made page but better, way better than myspace.

  • Hey, I’m a college student (as of last week—Go Franciscan!) and on Facebook (also as of last week).

    Of course, mine is the uber-private kind where you can’t find me unless I friend you (does anybody else get twitchy using that as a verb?), not even using the search option. And that’s how I like it. Really don’t want anybody other than my close friends knowing my room number and what I look like. I think I’m with AP on not friending anybody you don’t know in real life.

  • Megan: Ouch!
    Joe: Look who’s talking.
    Julie: It’s not that much time to commit. It’s more like reading, rather than writing, if you wish.
    Jen: Still waiting for you to friend me.

  • ok, out of curiosity i created a facebook account.  I did discover my nephew has quite an extensive facebook site with a vast array of friends and he accepted me as a friend.  Now what?  Which catholic group is worthwhile?

  • My personal impression is that Facebook is more ‘professional’ than MySpace—more clean, crisp in design; work-oriented. (Speaking from a web designer’s bias) MySpace is a mess from an aesthetic standpoint alone.

    I joined to keep in touch with friends / work contacts and relatives—suprised to find a number of Catholic bloggers/friends already on.

    What I particularly appreciate the ability to put a face to a name of all the Catholic bloggers I see online (Dom; ‘Veritas’, ‘Argent by the Tiber’, et al.)—it’s an added pleasure becoming acquainted with those you’ve read or interacted with online but are far removed (geographically speaking).

    On another note: blogging is rather de-personalized, particularly in the heated polemics of comboxes where you’re ripping ideas (or each other) to shreds. I have heard the remark more than once that the insults wouldn’t fly as frequently if those involved were to meet each other over a beer.

    In a way, Facebook serves a similar purpose: for me at least, it helps as a reminder not to get too carried away in a discussion that you lose sight of the person on the other side (and your manners to boot). =)

    As far as privacy goes, Facebook does offer the convenience of determining what elements of your profile (photos, contact info, friends, etc.) you wish to share with the general public or a ‘friend’. This is helpful if you want to network, but don’t want to disclose too much to those you don’t know personally.