End the Divide

End the Divide

Andrew Langer gets to the heart of my post last week about the increasing inability in our nation for people to disagree and remain civil and friendly.

I read, and one thing became abundantly clear: the 24-hour social media cycle has caused the various factions to become even more entrenched, their immediate reactions betraying a driving need to balkanize people still more. No breathing room. No time to process events. No time to allow people to show their humanity to one another.

In the public policy world, we are in the business of solving problems. Solving those problems has become more difficult as the chasm between political viewpoints has virtually exploded — both in width and depth — and that balkanization makes it impossible for people to find common ground.

This is more dangerous to the future of our nation than any of the other issues being debated, more than guns, more than even terrorism, because if we can't even talk to one another, how will we stand together against a common enemy?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli