Dodd isn’t the only double-talker on AIG bonuses

Dodd isn’t the only double-talker on AIG bonuses

A friend notes on the Dodd matter covered in the previous post that Sen Chris Dodd wasn’t actually part of the conference committee that prepared the bill that included the language that bonus contracts—such as those paid out by AIG—must be honored. So why is he falling on his sword? Maybe he lobbied for the provision, but who is he protecting?

All you have to do is look at the six Democrat who were signatories to the conference report. (Recall that no Republican voted for this report and that the bonus-contract enforcement provision was snuck into the conference report.): For the House, David Obey, Charlie Rangel, and Henry Waxman. For the Senate, Daniel Inouye, Max Baucus, and Harry Reid. (Download this PDF of the second half of the bill and page all the way to the end for the signatures.)

Which one of these guys did the deed and won’t ‘fess up now?


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