Did you miss us?

Did you miss us?

We’re back. Wait, you didn’t notice we were gone?

For those of you who did, just know that we took a few days off to travel up to my sister’s house in Maine for a couple of days out of the house. We swam a little, hung out with my brother and his family (who also came up), and experienced an overnight away from home for the first time with Isabella. That didn’t go too badly, although I am learning slowly but surely that everything takes a lot longer than it used to and it involves a lot more stuff.

Since I’m still looking for work and money is going to be tight until I find a new job, this may be all the vacation we get so we made the most of it.

Even though there isn’t much going on, there are still a few news stories on which I can comment so I hope to get to them soon. Later.

N.B. Happy Blogiversary to me. Five years!