Deadliest school shooting in history?

Deadliest school shooting in history?

While the story page headline still says 22, Fox News’ main web site banner says at least 32 people are dead following a shooting at Virginia Tech University. At least 28 have been wounded. Reports say that the gunman is among the dead.

Obviously details are sketchy, but people on campus are starting to get information out via the Internet. Just as obviously, you have to take the information with a grain of salt amidst the chaos, but some are saying it was a lone Asian-American man who entered a co-ed dorm looking for his girlfriend, then lining up and executing people when he couldn’t find her. Then he reportedly went to a classroom building and went down the halls, going into rooms, firing at random and continuing on.

Like I said, who knows how much of that is accurate. Perhaps none of it. Yet already some pundits are already calling for gun control. However, Virginia Tech is already a “gun-free zone”, which in reality did nothing but prevent those who would be licensed to carry guns with them from stopping the gunman in his tracks.

Let’s pray for the victims, their families, the community at Virginia Tech, the shooter(s)’ family, and the shooter(s) himself. The only winner in a situation like this is Evil itself.

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Domenico Bettinelli