Day off

Day off

I had to take a day off from work today because Melanie had an OB appointment and we didn’t have any one to babysit. And since this is her new OB (the old one is retiring) we didn’t know what would await her in the office. In the past she’s taken Isabella with her, but that won’t work if they want to do any kind of exam.

So here I am on this beautiful day, more like early June than late October, already over 70 degrees and headed toward 80. While Melanie’s at her appointment, I took Isabella for a walk around the neighborhood, hoping she would fall asleep and go down for a nap. It worked. The poor thing was cranky to begin with because she’s coming down with a cough or cold, and so she was extra cranky being tired. Hopefully a nice nap will solve everything.

And so sit waiting for MIS to call me back so I can access my files at work and get some work done. Oh well. I guess I’ll wait on the porch.

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  • Hmmm . . . may be you should encourage your wife to schedule a follow-up appointment for this Thursday and/or Friday morning . . . just in case the Sox game goes late again. 

    These 8:20 pm starts on week nights are killing me!