Day of Rage is day of … not much actually

Day of Rage is day of … not much actually

Today’s Muslim “Day of Rage” protest against Pope Benedict apparently was a dud. While there were scattered protests worldwide, most were small, if vocal.

A roundup by the AP. Top figure: 2,000 in Nablus, West Bank. Lowest: “Another 200 rallied in the eastern city of Lahore, while several dozen protested in Multan.” The demonstrations came a day after 1,000 clerics and religious leaders met in Lahore. That means the persuasion power of five clerics was needed for every protestor.

I guess they were all “raged” out. Or the protests were a farce constructed for the cameras in the first place, designed to foment more unrest, but this time petering out before it spread.

Perhaps we might even hope that the Holy Spirit is at work, defusing the anger and hatred. Dare we hope?

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli