Comment problems

Comment problems

A reader writes that he’s having problems viewing the comments pages on this blog. Is anyone else having problems? Obviously if you can’t read comments you can’t comment on this post, so email me instead. Please include what operating system you’re using (Windows XP or OS X 10.4 or the like) and what web browser and version (Internet Explorer 6.0 or Firefox 1.5, etc.).

Update: Once again, it looks like the problem is limited to Internet Explorer running on Windows XP. The page is all there, it’s just that you have to scroll way down the page to see the comments. Why? I don’t know. It looks fine in every other browser I’ve tried, including Firefox. If someone has a bright idea, I’ll fix it, but until then I can only recommend people stop using Internet Explorer (which is full of security holes anyway) and use Firefox.

Update 2: Fixed I think. One of the Google ads was too wide, which the other browsers could deal with intelligently. However, Internet Explorer decided to be petulant and refuse to display the page correctly.

  • I can comment, but I have to scroll all the way down. There is no text on the right hand side of my screen, until I scroll down to below your “Categories” area on the left. Just seemed to be doing this in the last few days. At first I think I have an empty page with just the ads and blogroll on the left, but I scroll down to the bottom.

    Windows XP, ms explorer version 6

  • Dom,  I just emailed you as well.  I’ve noticed the problem yesterday for certain, Monday I’m pretty sure, but I wasn’t online over the weekend so I don’t know the exact time I noticed it.

    God bless,  ~Tom

  • I run windows XP and view the web mostly through IE ver 6.0. I’ve been having this problem as well off and on for a few months. Today I can access the topics you post normally (they show at the top of the page when I click on your website) but to access the comments I have to scroll almost all the way down the page in order to view them – top of the page is all blank. Sometimes when I access your page the topics are also all the way down – the page is blank on the top. Firefox, as you note doesn’t have the problem.

  • It isn’t that IE is just being petulant, it is doing exactly what it is programmed to do.  The code for IE is designed so that it will incorrectly display pages not fitting into X mold.  Even if it could compensate, the code as this forcing it not too.  It’s just Microsoft’s way of forcing developers to have a box with windows on it somewhere in the building.
    If I wasn’t a gamer, I wouldn’t even have a PC, just on general principle.

    Yours in Christ,

  • I too saw this problem from time-to-time because I use IE.  I just never complained but instead, offered it up to God.


  • While I appreciate the self-sacrifical nature of your silence, if you do indeed see problems I would appreciate dropping me an email. After all, if you’re seeing it, then others are too, and since I use a Mac, I’m not likely to have to deal with ornery web browsers.  tongue wink

  • Will do!  I’m fortunate that there’s plenty of other ‘opportunities’ in my life that I can offer up…