Coming home

Coming home

We’re finally home again today and it is nice to be home. You should expect that blogging will continue to be light for a few days. I have a lot of work to catch up on and a baby and wife to care for (although Melanie’s parents are staying with us for at least a week which is awesome). Still, blogging has always been my outlet so I don’t start yelling at the newspaper and the TV, so I expect I’ll be back here soon. (Just this morning I was yelling at the newspaper about silly statistics: They couldn’t understand why prison population went up last year while crime went down. Gee, imagine that.)

Anyway, everyone is doing well. Isabella is perfect. She doesn’t have a single problem, no jaundice, no rashes, nothing. Breastfeeding is still a little challenge while mommy and baby figure out how it works for them. Nighttime sleeping hasn’t been too bad in the hospital. Ironically, people have been telling us to get plenty of sleep before the baby was born, although I’m not sure you can bank. In fact, we’ve had our usual hours where we go to bed late and wake up a little later than most people (since I don’t have to commute to my desk) and since late night is when the baby is most active, it’s worked out well. We’re already used to being up late which is when she seems to get active.

And if you want to see pictures, keep an eye on the little Flickr badge on the lower part of the left-hand menu or go right to the Flickr page.

Once again, thanks for all the advice and congratulations.

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