Christ-like? Not really

Christ-like? Not really

Here’s a rule of thumb: If a priest or bishop is accused of a sex crime and he compares the accusation to the persecution of Christ, I assume he’s guilty.

To wit, the case of an Italian priest famous for “converting” a porn star and the going to a sex fair with her to raise money is now accused a bizarre sexual abuse.

A Franciscan priest famous in Italy for the religious conversion of a leading porn star was in custody last night on charges of sexual harassment after a nun alleged that she was forced to take part in orgies at his monastery.

Fr Francesco Bisceglia, 68, and his deputy Antonio Gaudio, 39, were arrested yesterday after the unnamed sister made a police complaint against them.

... “I feel persecuted like Jesus,” the priest, known in Italy as Fr Fidele, said on his arrest. “It is all evidence fabricated against me. She [the nun] is mad.”

Yep, just like Jesus.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli