Catholics being lectured on their beliefs

Catholics being lectured on their beliefs

The local media in Kansas City has decided to make the dismissal of an organist from employment in a Catholic parish because of his membership in a gay singing group into a cause celebre. Wolftracker at KC Catholic is following the story and a Sunday Kansas City Star article by gay Broadway composer taking the Catholic Church to task for her teachings.

Well, here on the Feast of the Holy Trinity, we learn that we can pack up this whole idea of being Christ’s church on earth and save our time, energy, and money for something else.

Evidently, we can just receive orders from gay, old Broadway composers who proudly proclaim that they are not Christian but who know a lot about “human rights.”

Wolftracker provides an able fisking of the article, which is yet another in a long tradition of newspaper op-eds by people who proudly proclaim themselves as irreligious or at least non-Catholic and feel the need to tell Catholics what we should believe, as if our beliefs are arbitrary formulations and not received and immutable Tradition.

As a religious group, Catholics should be free to define what is and is not acceptable behavior by an employee of the Church. If a Jewish synagogue hired a Muslim to work in the administrative office and that Muslim decided to attend anti-Semitic demonstrations would the synagogue be justified in firing him? What if the Muslim wasn’t just an office worker, but was a key component in the worship services of the synagogue?

What if a gay/lesbian advocacy group employed a straight man as office manager, and later found out that the man went to a public demonstration of one of these groups that believe gays can be healed of their same-sex attraction? Double standard anyone?

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  • Oh please.  Bounce the bounder.  Let him work for someplace who thinks gays are all right—it’s not like theres’s a dearth of those places.

    We don’t need to be undermined any more from the inside.

  • Further, why do liberals/everyone who is “wronged” by the “bad” Church feel the need to say stuff like “What Jesus taught is that you’re supposed to love God and you neighbor,” all the while ignoring the fact that He didn’t encourage them to keep wallowing in their sinful behavior; rather, He helped them lead Christian lives?  Frustrating!!