Catholics Against Rudy

Catholics Against Rudy

Update: If you want to see video Steve’s appearance on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Mathews” there are two links: 1 and 2.

Stephen Dillard of the sadly now defunct blog Southern Appeal is one of the names behind a new site called Catholics Against Rudy. Their aim is to oppose Rudy Giuliani’s bid for Republican presidential nomination because of his appalling record on issues related to the Cultures of Life and Death.

While there are other candidates with equally bad records, as a Catholic, Giuliani is of particular concern to us, even if essentially he has publicly repudiated his faith. As Catholics, it’s our duty to police our own house.

If some Republicans thought that Catholic opposition to John Kerry was based on partisan politics they were wrong, and if they try to advance Giuliani’s nomination, they’ll see how wrong.

There are other candidates who are much more suitable, Republican and otherwise. Giuliani is not. Simple as that.

I hope Steve’s site becomes a strong resource for those seeking to advance candidates who support a culture of life. It’s scheduled to go live on July 4.

And if you have a blog or web site and want to show your agreement, put this graphic on your site and link to Catholics Against Rudy.


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