Catholic Mass DVD

Catholic Mass DVD

I’m not supposed to encourage you to click on particular ads that show up on my page because that would constitute click fraud. Thus I will give you the direct link here to a site I think is so interesting I’ll forgo the advertising revenue on it. The site is “Catholic Mass” and they’re selling a DVD that explains the Mass. (I suppose I should clarify, I mean the Novus Ordo, not the Tridentine.)

I watched some of the clips and in addition to good explanations, there’s good music. Just as importantly, the priest’s are properly vested in good liturgical wear and the churches themselves are also very nice.

I think this would be a good tool for use in RCIA or Confirmation classes or even First Communion. This isn’t childish explanation, but I think we often underestimate what kids can grasp. Check it out.

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Domenico Bettinelli