Cardinal O’Malley a different man

Cardinal O’Malley a different man

What a difference we see in Cardinal Sean O’Malley at the ceremonies yesterday. It’s a far cry from the man who said he was “saddened” when his elevation was announced just a few weeks ago.

“I’m excited,” a beaming O’Malley told reporters, characterizing himself that way for the first time since arriving in Boston 32 months ago. ‘‘It’s a beautiful moment, and I’m very honored to be a part of the College of Cardinals and be able to be part of the Holy Father’s ministry, and for all of this to take place at St. Peter’s, where St. Peter was buried . . . and where so much of the history of the church over 2,000 years has transpired. It truly is a very moving moment.“

I hope he’s able to bring some of that excitement and joy back to Boston with him and that it lasts for a little while. Lord knows he’s got enough on his plate back here.

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