Burying your head in the sand

Burying your head in the sand

Just had a brief thought that I'm sure is not original and not all that profound, but what's a blog for if not to post such things.

The homosexual apologists claim that when an adult male, say a priest, coerces an adolescent male into a sexual relationship that has nothing to do with homosexuality, but is in fact a form of pedophilia. So when an adult female teacher coerces an adolescent male into a sexual relationship or an adult male teacher coerces an adolescent female, why is it never called pedophilia? Why is he or she never derided as a pedophile? Why does no one speak of child-molesting teachers?

Oh we hear chuckles of cradle-robbing and talk show hosts tell tales about the hot teacher they had in high school or, admittedly rarer, talk about the hot-looking teen girls they see at the mall. But never the same opprobrium. And never a word about pedophilia.

If we can talk about the "natural" heterosexual attraction between an adult and attractive youngster of the opposite sex, then the same-sex attraction involved in the other cases cannot merely be dismissed. Like it or not, homosexuality is a factor in the clergy sex-abuse scandal and pretending it isn't is hobbling any attempt to deal with the causes and fix them.

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Domenico Bettinelli