Boxes, boxes, and more boxes

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes

booksandmorebooks.jpgI got up this morning with cramps in both thighs. Moving is so wonderful. Didn’t we hire movers?

Yes, in fact, we did hire movers to move us from our old place in Salem to our new place in Peabody, but as you might be aware the price of local moves is often calculated by the hour, thus everything we can move ourselves saves us money in the end.

We figured that if we at least moved our books and some of the bookcases over, that would take care of a lot of the boxes. We thought maybe 20 boxes of books at the outside. Forty-plus boxes later …. Is it any wonder I’m all cramped up?

We said it when we were married that it wasn’t just a marriage but also a library merger. According to the database (we’ve been scanning them all into the computer), that’s over 1,000 books. I’ve included a photo of most of them to illustrate.

We’re also trying to bring our most precious breakables over as well, because as they say, when you move it’s not if something gets broken; it’s a matter of what will be broken. If I move it myself, I can protect it.

Moving and moving again

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