Boston Globe’s flexible stance on direct democracy

Boston Globe’s flexible stance on direct democracy

Harry notes that when it comes to the placement of casinos suddenly the Boston Globe is in favor of voter referenda.

Today’s lead editorial in the Boston Globe (Slots in my backyard”) demands democracy by plebiscite:

Ironclad assurances that voters can decide whether to host a casino in their community should alleviate many fears about traffic and social costs. Putting the decision in the hands of a town’s governing body raises too many questions about the influence of casino lobbyists. A binding referendum is the best way to ensure an honest process and outcome. All indications now point to legislation that requires this sensible option.

Chill, please! We are only deciding where to locate 3 casinos.

It’s not as if we were deciding to re-define marriage and the family.

It’s lovely how flexible their principles are.

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