Books found; seeking owner

Books found; seeking owner

While Melanie was unpacking some boxes in the basement, she found a small box that looked unfamiliar. Opening it, she realized that it had been left behind by a previous tenant.

There were two books inside, a Bible and a “Lives of the Saints,” both inscribed on May 14, 1994. The Bible had a small newspaper clipping mentioning a Confirmation ceremony and one name was highlighted, “Nina Morello.” Using my Google skills, I was able to determine the parish was St. John the Evangelist in Swampscott. (Part of the article included a phone number that turned out to be not the parish’s but that of some nuns in neighboring Lynn who still work at the parish.)

So does anyone know Nina Morello or her family? (The books were inscribed by “Aunt Carol & Uncle Michael” and “Joy Marie”. )

If anyone out there happens to know these people or if someone doing a Google search on her name happens by, please have them get in touch with us. Meanwhile, I’m going to see if my landlord knows how to contact her if indeed she was a previous tenant.

  • Probably one of the many roommates passing through before you showed up. Melanie should go through her Christmas card list. She might get lucky.

    Reminds me, I still haven’t unpacked all my books, and it’s been almost two years.

  • I guess I should have been clearer. It was found in the new place, not the old one. The landlord remembers her though and thinks he might have a phone number for her.