Blog brag

Blog brag

Christopher Lydon is a bit of a Boston institution. He’s been and continues to be a talk radio host, both locally and nationally and now online, both on public radio and commercial. He’s a college professor and is a fellow at Harvard Law School. He even ran for mayor of Boston in 1993.

So when he gives you a compliment, even a measured one, it’s pretty cool. In an article for the Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth on Boston media and how the old ways are being challenged by the new, he lists his daily blog stops, including yours truly.


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Jay Fitz was my introduction to Domenico Bettinelli Jr., a fascinating character. A self-described geek in his 30s, born in Jamaica Plain to a Russian-Jewish mother and Sicilian father, Bettinelli lives now in Salem, edits the Catholic World Report and blogs his own curious and plain-spoken version of an orthodox line on the Church’s troubles (with gay couples and adoption at the moment) at (

Thank you Chris (and Jay) and welcome. I’ll take “fascinating” and “curious” as a compliment. smile

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  • Hey Dom! Member of the tribe….wait, I think I knew that. Christopher Lydon really is one the very best interviewers in the business. Nice to know he reads your blog.