BC’s new chapel computer center

BC’s new chapel computer center

We are beginning to see the results of the Archdiocese of Boston selling off parts of its chancery facilities to Boston College, as the college unveils its new computing data center in what was once a chapel at St. John’s Seminary.

A unique feature about the data center is that it occupies a space once used as a chapel when the Archdiocese of Boston housed a college seminary in St. Clement’s. Moore says she realized immediately that the former chapel was the best place for the data center. Project administrators made it a priority to preserve the chapel’s stained glass windows, which was accomplished by installing new glass around them to maintain energy efficiency.

“We are one of only a few data centers in the world with stained glass windows,” laughed Bourque.

I wonder if they’d be willing to host outside web sites. I can’t think of a more appropriate place for the blogs of St. Blog’s parish than a chapel.

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  • As a BC alum, a software guy by trade and an orthodox Catholic, this pains me.  Proof of where the priorities of BC are.  Why can’t they use it as a, hmmm what could they use it for… maybe a chapel?  There are millions of other places they could have put a data center.  Have you seen the other “chapels” on campus (excluding, of course, my personal refuge, St. Mary’s)?  UGH! How about using the chapel on upper campus (the one without stain glass OR pews) as a data center, or maybe an old class room, or maybe a basement.

    When they call looking for donations, I always decline because and say its because they are losing their Catholic identity.  They always argue that is not the case but next time they call I’ve got a good example of exactly what I’m talking about.

    Incidently, some good things are happening on the campus, the student pro-life group is growing and doing great things like this (http://www.bc.edu/clubs/pfl/conference.htm), a men’s student group called something like the “Son’s of St. Patrick” has developed with a focus on living as chaste gentleman which has inspired its female equal!

  • I spent four years of my life in Saint Clement’s chapel.  It wasn’t a very beautiful chapel, but it is sad news for me for I encountered God.  Sometimes when something is taken away, that is when you miss it the most.