Atheists just like to be mean jerks

Atheists just like to be mean jerks

The thing about atheists is that are not content simply to ignore religion, but they usually actively attack it. I suppose they often believe that religious believers are responsible for most of the suffering in the world and that it’s their duty to “save” the world from religion. Okay. Christians (and most religious people) also have a sense of mission about what they believe too. The difference is that atheists are often just mean jerks about it. Take this example from the University of Texas-San Antonio where atheists are exchanging any scriptures for pornography.

Recently, an atheist student organization at The University of Texas at San Antonio set up a “Smut for Smut” booth allowing students to exchange their religious scriptures (mostly the Holy Bible) for pornography. Unsurprisingly, they got the idea from another group at The University of Texas at Austin.

Nice. See what I mean about them being jerks about it? This is the equivalent of someone telling you that your mother was a tramp when she was younger and giving you salacious photos of her. What purpose is served by figuratively spitting in someone’s face like this? Are they advancing their philosophy or just reveling in a sophomoric joke that only seeks to shock and offend?

We’re also left wondering what the university is going to do about this. After all, vaunted campus speech codes are supposed to protect people from hate speech (nevermind that such speech codes by a government-funded institution are unconstitutional; if they’re going to have them they should enforce them equally.) But the reality is that speech codes were not designed to protect people from hate. They’re only designed to protect particular protected classes from speech they don’t like, while allowing certain non-politically correct groups to be smeared and attacked as much as those protected classes would like.

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