Apres la vacance, le deluge

Apres la vacance, le deluge

We flew back to Boston from Austin yesterday and I’m still trying to get myself unburied from everything. There’s the unpacking and the double piles of mail (both work-related and personal), all the Christmas stuff to put away, the food shopping to be done, and so on. I’m going to need a vacation to recover from my two week vacation.

Our flight home was nice. That’s two consecutive flights where JetBlue has brought us to our destination ahead of schedule. However, it appears that high-altitude flight has some negative effect on babies’ gastro-intestinal systems. Enough said about that!

I’m sure Melanie is still laughing and rolling her eyes at my distress that I inadvertently scheduled our flight for the same time as Steve Jobs’ annual Macworld keynote speech, and especially this one where he was announcing one of the most important products ever introduced by Apple, the iPhone. (Thankfully, it won’t be out until June and I’m sure I’ll have a full-time job by then and can afford to buy it; I hate my current phone with a burning passion.) So, the next best thing to actually watching the keynote live was leaving CNBC on the seatback TV and popping my head up whenever they mentioned Macworld.

The trip itself was nice. Nothing spectacular to report this time. I actually didn’t get out as much, but instead spent time around my in-law’ house. The burden of packing up the baby for transport probably contributed to that some. It was nice to be able to put Isabella in her own room again last night. Over the past two weeks it was like she was a newborn again. She’d wake every couple of hours and by 5 am or so was not interested in sleep anymore, so I’d have to schlepp downstairs and either watch her play on the floor or try to rock her to sleep on my chest. But last night she woke once, at 11 pm, and then slept straight through until about 8 when Melanie heard her awake and playing quietly over the monitor.

I hope to get some substantive posts up later. In the meantime, here’s Melanie’s post about our trip and more about Isabella’s development.

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  • “Over the past two weeks it was like she was a newborn again. She’d wake every couple of hours…”

    Ah, I remember those days!  I hated traveling with a baby – no matter their age, they always knew when they weren’t in their own bed.  Never failed.

  • Mmmmm . . . iPhone . . . me want . . . me live in Canada . . . me not so happy . . . on other hand, me not have to spend US$500 . . .