Apple’s new products

Apple’s new products

Longtime readers know that I am an Apple fanatic and lover of all their cool gadgets and computers. Tomorrow they will be having a special press conference revealing new products and they’ve titled it “Showtime!”

Apple rumormongers (like me) have numerous theories, some more far-fetched than others, but here’s what I predict we’ll see. First will be movies for sale via iTunes. You can already buy music and TV shows, but now you will be bale to purchase and download full-length movies. I don’t think this means the death of DVDs however, since I’m fairly certain the they won’t be DVD quality and you won’t get all the special features DVD watchers are used to. Look for prices between $9.99 and $14.99 and for Disney to be the first studio to make its products available, followed by more studios before the end of the year.

Second, the iPod is getting long in the tooth and hasn’t had a significant upgrade in a year. I’m looking for the real iPod video. This will be a widescreen, 16x9 aspect ratio, iPod and will also include a touchscreen instead of a physical dial and button. when you touch the screen, the dial will appear on screen and then disappear when you take your finger off. Some people are even predicting “none-touch” technology where the virtual button and dial will activate when your finger is near, but not touching the screen.

One of Steve Jobs’ criticisms of the idea of video on iPods is that no one really wants to watch full-length films on a 3-inch screen. That’s why I’m predicting an upgrade to the Airport Express, which lets you play music from your Mac on your stereo, to allow it to connect to your home theater system or TV. Thus, you’ll download movies on your Mac and watch them on your TV.

I don’t think we’ll see the mythical iPhone. Perhaps someday, but not this time. It involves too many variables, including the good will and cooperation of wireless phone companies. I also don’t think we’ll see upgraded MacBooks since that doesn’t fit the “Showtime” theme. That will come soon, but not tomorrow. Come back tomorrow and we’ll see how good my predictions.

Incidentally, Melanie hates when they have these product rollouts. On those days I struggle with materialism. “I don’t need it.” I keep repeating that. It helps. Some. Being unemployed helps.

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  • On those days I struggle with materialism. “I don’t need it.” I keep repeating that. It helps. Some.

    I know. I sooooooo want the U2 iPod video and I haven’t gotten it . . . just the thought of what my husband would say keeps me from getting anywhere near clicking on it . . .

  • I too am looking forward to tomorrow’s Stevenote.  I am hoping a fool’s hope that they will release the iPhone as “one more thing. . .”  My phone is on its last legs, and a phone designed by apple is sure to have a great UI.  Who knows, maybe the Nano will become the iPhone.
    Of Course, I have been drooling over the Mac Pro since the day it was released, so maybe they will make a more “consumer Pro” version.


  • Is there a 12-step program for you guys? I’ve been wiping up the drool as my husband stares longingly at the Apple web site. We do not need another iMac! I don’t care if it has a 24 inch screen. He too has been dreaming of possible innovations to be revealed tomorrow. Lead us not into temptation… We have always had Macs since the first Apple MacIntosh 512. We still have our original one. If you take the plastic casing off you can see the soldered names of the Apple employees inside.

  • I’ve got the new iTunes up and running. Some nifty new features. But my main comment overall is – welcome to Leopard design. I hope you enjoyed the “Aqua” look, ‘cause it’s definitely on its way out.

  • I don’t care if you criticize Apple. There’s plenty to criticize. But you made an assertion without evidence that seemed to be a dubious connection.

    Maybe I’m not understanding you but the way you said it, Apple’s good aesthetics in product design are part of the materialism that leads to women seeking abortion. That seems a stretch to me. It has nothing to do with whether I’m an Apple fan.

    Sure American’s conspicuous consumption is a problem and as I said materialism is a problem Catholics need to deal with, but huh? I’m still trying to connect it with “Steve Jobs’ onstage abortion of Gianna Jensen” as the link you posted said in its satire. Seems in incredibly poor taste.