Antichrist protests the Catholic Church

Antichrist protests the Catholic Church

Usually when you have other religions protesting the Catholic Church, it’s because they’re calling it the Antichrist. So, it’s a bit unusual when the protestors are themselves claiming to represent the Antichrist. Last Saturday, thousands of people worldwide took part in the protest led by their cultic leader who simultaneously claims to be the second coming of Jesus and the Antichrist.

I guess those truth-in-advertising laws are getting pretty strict.

The Ministerio Creciendo en Gracia, who earned widespread publicity for their recent ‘666’ tattooing’s in the name of their leader, the Antichrist, united once again to vocalize their opposition on the teachings of the Catholic church and the “sexual abuse” they say it causes.


The head of the ministry, Dr. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, made headlines recently, after more than 12 members of a Doral based church showed up at a South Beach tattoo parlor to get the numbers 666 tattooed on themselves as a show of faith to Miranda, who sports a 666 tattoo of his own.

“I am Jesus Christ man,” he said in front of our cameras. “The second coming of Christ.”


But de Jesus, who preaches that the devil and sin do not exist, isn’t necessarily declaring himself the devil. FIU religion professor Daniel Alvarez thinks he may be playing on an ambiguity of the word Antichrist, meaning taking the place of Christ. In other words, because he claims to be the second coming of Christ, he rejects the continued worship of the old Christ: Jesus of Nazareth.

Well, that explains everything. Seriously, it’s sad that so many can get taken in by what seems so obvious to the rest of us. That they focus on the Catholic Church indicates to me that their target demographic is Hispanic Catholics. Turn a son against his loving mother and you have him in the palm of your hand.

I think it’s no coincidence this took place at the beginning of Holy Week.

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Domenico Bettinelli