Another prayer request

Another prayer request

Please pray for Regina Doman, author of several Catholic young adult and children’s books, including “Angel in the Waters”, and the mother of six kids.

There was a tragic car accident involving her 4-year-old son Joshua. He was critically injured and died this evening.

I went to school with Regina and her brother Martin. Please keep all of them in your prayers. I can imagine what she must be feeling.

Update: The Schmiedickes thank you for your prayers. (Regina goes by her maiden name as her pen name, but her married name is Schmiedicke.) They said that anyone who would like to make a memorial gift in Joshua’s name can do so at the Save a Family Plan charity. A wake is being held Monday night and the funeral will be Tuesday morning at 11 am, Eastern. Please remember them in your prayers, especially at those times.

  • Dom,
    thanks for posting for prayers. We found out in the middle of HSY 3 and three Domans were on campus (two of them working the conferences). They are well loved and we offered Sunday’s Youth Conference Mass for them as well.

  • We are huge fan’s of Regina’s book ‘Angel in the Waters’ and devasated by her sudden loss.  Our prayers are with the Schmiedicke and Doman families during this difficult time.

    Requiescat in pace…