Another law would have stopped him

Another law would have stopped him

Last week, a deranged 18-year-old loser, Jason Robida, went into a gay bar in New Bedford, Mass., with a gun and a hatchet and started attacking people. No one died, but some were severely injured. He bolted and was later shot by police in Arkansas, but not before killing a policeman and a woman in the car with him.

And like clockwork, a liberal politician is demanding tougher hate crimes laws. This is the natural response of politicians. Whenever something bad happens, they demand new legislation because that’s the only thing they can do, and of course, they need to look like they’re doing something.

Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., who happens to be gay, wants federal hate-crimes laws to be passed. But what’s the point? Massachusetts already has a hate-crime law. Did that deter this jerk from attacking gays? Would a federal law magically deter him? Murder is murder, attempted murder is attempted murder. If he had survived his shootout with police, should he have suffered a greater penalty for killing the cop and the women or for attempted murder of the gays in the bar?

Notice no one’s calling for more gun control laws (yet), since he used a hatchet in the attack too. What are they going to do, implement a 7-day waiting period for buying hatchets?

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