An anti-Christian campaign

An anti-Christian campaign

Once again, it’s a good thing Christians don’t react to insults by flying off in a rage, burning things down, and killing people. Still you have to wonder about major American corporations that make it a point to insult a group that constitutes at least half, and probably more, of the country’s population.

Michael Medved says that’s exactly what Random House is doing, not just by publishing the new book by Sam Harris, entitled “Letter to a Christian Nation”, but in the way it is marketing it.

Harris’s tome is a call to arms for liberals and secularists against the religious right, i.e. evangelical Christians and conservative Catholics, sometimes called theocons. The marketing of the book makes religious belief seem backward, unintellectual, and ripe for the rise of totalitarianism. In a full-page ad in the New York Times, the publisher proclaims the following:

“DID YOU KNOW,” the text explains, “44% of Americans think Christ will return in the next 50 years….73% of Americans believe in the existence of Hell * More than 50% of Americans have a “negative” or “highly negative” view of people who don’t believe in God * 70% think it important for presidential candidates to be ‘strongly religious.’”

Astounding! Inconceivable! If the “rational Americans” to whom the ad copy is addressed don’t speak up, America will be under the thumb of the Christian Taliban any day now, or so they seem to be implying.

Counter-attack against Christian influence

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  • People will not realize it until it is too late but religious freedom, democracy, respect for women and science are all products of Christian civilization and will not outlast its disappearance.