A pot of gumbo

A pot of gumbo

IMG_2244.JPG On Monday, I received an email offer from an aquaculture company down in Louisiana, Cajuncrawfish.com. The crawfish season had begun and the first “mud bugs” were now available for shipping. This is a company I’ve ordered from in the past and excitedly placed my order.

The crawfish are well-packed and shipped via FedEx for next day arrival. Last night, we had an old-fashioned crawfish boil with a whole mess of the buggers plus corn on the cob (wisely preserved from last summer in the freezer), potatoes, mushrooms, and onions. It was awesome.

Of course, we couldn’t eat the whole batch ourselves, so I plucked the tailmeat from the rest of them and saved them for tonight. Yep, tonight we had some of the best gumbo ever: crawfish, crabmeat, shrimp, and andouille sausage with a side of spicy beet greens and corn bread. What really made the gumbo was the Zatarain’s Crab Boil added to the pot, plus the intense smokiness and fennel seed in the sausage. We’ll be making that again.

I was saying to Melanie that she’s really turning me into a Southerner. I’m eating spicy greens all the time and corn bread, and I’m even having iced tea with every meal. Before you know it I’ll be eating grits for breakfast.

Regardless it’s nice that Melanie is past the morning sickness and we can cook in the house again. Melanie said before she started dating me, she never cooked so many new and different and exotic dishes.

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  • “Melanie said before she started dating me, she never cooked so many new and different and exotic dishes.”

    Which is not to say that I never cooked new or exotic dishes before we met, just that Dom encourages me in these endeavors. Really with such a avid critic who wouldn’t be inspired to kick up some dust in the kitchen.