A new look for Bettnet.com

A new look for Bettnet.com

After a week or so of beta testing, I’ve decided to go live with the new look of Bettnet.com, the first re-design in many years. I’ve been learning more about CSS and HTML and designing sites at work so I decided I should make my perosnal site look as good as my more current work.

First, a note: If you are using Internet Explorer, version 6.0 or earlier, this blog will not look good. It may still be legible but there will be big problems in how it looks in your browser. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it has to be. IE6 is just a bad piece of software in addition to being way out of date. If Google feels comfortable ending support for IE6, so do I.

If you use Internet Explorer 7 or 8, the site should look fine. IE8 will look better than IE7. But if you really want to see all the bells and whistles and CSS goodness, you will need Firefox 3 or newer (including Mozilla and Flock and other Firefox derivatives) or Safari or Chrome (including other Webkit derivatives, too). The site is optimized for Safari/chrome/Webkit.

You will find that there is no Adobe Flash in use in the design of the page, although you find the occasional third-party embedded content in individual blogposts. Everything, including transitions and animations is done using the latest CSS3 specifications. I’ve also tried to avoid using image files when styled text would do, as in the blog entry dates and post titles.

So, please, let me know what you think and if you find anything is broken, please let me know ASAP. And thanks for being loyal readers for however much time you’ve been reading Bettnet, whether you started with my most recent post or you’ve been reading since 2001.


  • It looks super, Dom o’ mine—I love the fedora hanging on the M—nice touch!

    I had to maximize my window to get the side bar info, but not a big deal at all.

    Nice job!

  • FYI,
    using IE8.  The main text fonts are not crisp.  Maybe my stigmatism, but they look fuzzy.  The letter “t” doesn’t look like a “t” – it isn’t crossed.


  • Looks great, Dom.  It’s nice and clean.  The tweets in the right hand column are fully visible (not too long ago they were cut off a bit on one side).  Pics in the banner are great, too.

  • The look as a whole is very nice.  Fonts are crisp and legible, though a trifle small in my browser (Firefox 3.5.8 running on Linux/Ubuntu 9.10).

    My browser overlaps “More links” and “Powered by Expression Engine.”  My guess is the problem stems from using “float : right” in the “links” CSS class.